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The BCRP is a part of the Wisconsin Republican Party. The County is represented in the 7th Congressional District, 75th State Assembly, and the 25th Senate District.  


The BCRP membership actively supports conservative candidates running for all state and local offices in the 75th District and in the 25th District. Our membership is active in a variety of community groups and supports and promotes conservative values and principles. To become a member or donate to this energetic organization, click here

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By MacIver Institute

In the beginning, there was darkness. Then four score and seven years ago, Tony Evers said “give me a school budget or give me death.”

The jokes about Evers’ serial plagiarism write themselves, but they—along with the speed at which the media buried the story—belie a far more serious truth: That plagiarism of this magnitude reveals far more about character and fitness for public office than most might assume.


Evers admitted to plagiarizing at least four different education budget proposals; there is no need for the qualifier “Republicans allege” yet stories about Evers’ plagiarism have invariably included it anyway. This is a rather common tactic that serves to signal to a news outlet’s audience that Evers’ serious ethical lapse isn’t all that serious; it’s just another run-of-the-mill attack by Evers’ political opponents during the height of a bitter gubernatorial campaign.


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